Welcome to The Impulse Company!

The Impulse Company is the UK home of our unique Meisner-rooted performance techniques.

Artistic Director Scott Williams trained with Sanford Meisner at Neighborhood Playhouse in the 1970s, relocating in London in the mid-1990s following a San Francisco-based career as a teacher and director. He now teaches and directs internationally and has shared his commitment to helping actors become the best they can be with thousands of practitioners all over the world.

Due to the developing situation with Covid-19 The Impulse Company is suspending all its operations until the autumn. Please contact us for more details.

Our courses

Impulse modular Year course 2020

April 2020 entry will close shortly, so do get in touch if you'd like to interview. Information for October 2020 entry will be available in March. Contact lindsay@impulsecompany.co.uk to register your interest. Due to the popularity of the coursee ntry points in January, April and October each year are now on offer.


Because there is so much demand for in depth study, Impulse is currently focussing on its modular part-time Year course and associated Second Year course. You'll find details via the links on the left.


Scott offers an occasional short Introductory course. We are currently offering Drop In classes only to those who have studied extensively with The Impulse Company.

Our ethos

It seems right to share our ethos with you as you begin to consider a programme of study with us. We believe it is unique, and is rooted in our analysis of the principles that should govern the work of the 21st century actor.


We aim to develop practitioners who are:


Creative with that which they are given;

Resourceful, bringing ideas, effort and good will to the work environment;

Proactive, anticipating the needs of the rehearsal and performance processes;

Proud to offer up their work with dignity and forthrightness;

Courageous, knowing that the Technique gives them the ability always to be truthful, and that the truth makes for powerful performances;

Positive, saying 'yes' to new ideas, trying out different approaches and offering praise for work well done;

Flexible, understanding that things can change often and without warning in our business;

Farsighted, knowing that they are part of a greater artistic whole and looking for opportunities to contribute to a process which is greater than themselves;

Empathetic, understanding that performance is a collaboration, and bringing a sensitivity to others' needs;

Considerate, appreciating the differing approaches of all artists;

Courteous, aware that everyone makes a valuable contribution to the working environment.


This ethos is as important to us as the techniques we teach.


Our motto

A rising tide lifts all boats.