What our students say

"If we were told there is a magic button we can press, to make us the actors we strive to be, we wouldn't believe it. The thing is, this is the magic button."

A few quotes from actors who have experienced the Technique in action.


"Scott Williams' teaching completely transformed and liberated me as an actor.  Prior to working with Scott I had trained with many different teachers and many different techniques.  Nothing came close to the clarity and power of Scott's work.  Much of what I had learnt, prior to Scott, left me confused and unsure as an actor, incapable of approaching a role with confidence.  Scott's work was like a cloud being lifted on the whole 'mystery' around acting and I could finally see 'the wood for the trees'!  I walked away with a very sound technique, and as a result of that, a confidence in my talent which, up until that point, had always been very shaky at best.  I developed a real trust in my instincts, an ability to bravely release myself into the work, to explore and discover.  Before Scott, I had heard time and again 'be in the moment' yet no one could effectively explain what that actually meant, and more importantly how, as an actor, I could achieve that.  If you get the opportunity to learn under Scott Williams, jump at the chance!  It will be the best ever investment in your craft."

- Matt Minto, Actor

"As a writer in Inscription's 1997 workshop, I was fortunate to observe Scott at work – first demonstrating his method with actors, and then putting it into action in rehearsal of my play.  It was exciting to see the energy shoot through the scene, bringing to it an anything-might-happen vitality.  Scott's enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and generosity of spirit made for a rewarding and inspiring time."

- Hilary Bell, Writer

"In 2003 I completed my first week-long course in London with Scott and it was the most stimulating and enlightening week of training I’d ever had.  Scott steered my process in a whole new - and easier, simpler, honest - direction.  In May of this year I returned to London and straight away sought to work with Scott again.  He remains a joyous human being, a clear and thorough teacher, and once again I found myself leaving class each day on a high."
- Marika Aubrey, Actor/Singer

"Scott Williams' approach to acting totally changed my concept of what it is to act.  I was for the first time able to let go of a number of 'techniques' I believed I needed and was able to simply deal with the given moment and respond to it truthfully."
- Sam Smith, Actor

"I had been acting for ten years but was never really confident in my ability.  Whilst on Scott’s one-week Intensive Meisner Training Workshop I swiftly learned about using a true technique and craft which has now given me all the tools I need as an actor to go on and perform at the highest level.  I highly recommend working with Scott Williams."
- Michael Budd, Actor/Producer

"After I did Scott Williams' six-day course at the Actors Centre in London, my head was spinning, but in a good way!  It was what I had been looking for in my work to help refine and define what I felt my performing work had needed.  It was, without a doubt, an experience that has set me on to produce better work with more confidence."
– Debbie Bridge, Actor/Singer

"Scott Williams is not only a great teacher, he's also a wonderful person.  Learning his Meisner-based technique was one of those formative moments in my life.  It enabled me to become the actor I always dreamed I might be."
- Keir Brown, Actor

"A great revelatory experience that refocused and revitalised my fundamental approach to acting."
- Dene Kermond, Actor

"Eye opening, jaw dropping, world changing realisation of what it means to truly truthfully live through given circumstances.  Words cannot accurately explain how incredibly lucky I feel to have stumbled into this workshop.  I cannot fault the teaching."
- Tessa Nethercote Way, Actor
"Wow!  This work has really helped me get out of my head and put my attention on someone else.  Finally a technique which has exercises that work out your acting muscles."
- Brigitta Brown, Actor

 "I found the teaching approach refreshing and invigorating.  I felt safe to speak up with both praise and questions.  I had no idea that a teacher could be so equal and willing to learn from his students.  I am such a big fan of the way in which Scott would go about answering us via anecdote.  It gave the work we were doing context.  He always managed to bring us back to the subject at exactly the right moment."
- Lindsey Chapman, Actor


And, from others:


"It's turned my approach to acting upside down. I would recommend it to any actor at any level of experience."

"The Technique makes perfect sense."

"All the things I learnt before didn't teach me how to act."

"For the first time in my career, I feel confident as an actor."

"It has taught me to trust myself."

"It has opened me up. I constantly surprise myself and I feel like I can play anything or anybody."

"I had a big emotional block, and the Technique has helped me break through."

"I've seen some fantastic acting in class - far better than some I've seen in the West End."

"If you thought you were present on stage before - just you wait!"